human resources


Personnel and Workers Affairs Program

HR Jobs
Provides incentives and rewards to employees by measuring performance.
supports the so-called innovation; In order to enhance competition among employees.
Periodic planning for employees, as it is one of the important functions that you perform.
Develop employees and monitor their performance, by integrating technology with the work environment, and this enhances the concept of development in the company.
Achieving the maximum benefit from individuals, through effective management.
Human Resources is responsible for defining a job description.
HR Planning
The planning process is done by anticipating the company’s needs for employees and transforming the gap between the required performance of the employees and the actual performance of them. The planning process is an important and sensitive process through which:
Providing an outstanding workforce.
Selection of workers willing to perform well.
Providing justice for choice and trade-off.
The resource planning process goes through stages, where in each stage several operations are carried out in order to reach perfection in performance, and the following are the most prominent stages:
Analysis of the work environment, both internal and external.
Attempting to predict the needs of employees and their most prominent demands in order to improve actual performance.
Analyzing the performance of employees to find out their strengths and weaknesses.
Preparing a plan commensurate with the general situation of the work.
Activating the future vision of work, through effective measurement.
The importance of human resources
It is one of the very important departments in the company, as its importance comes according to the following points:
Training and preparing employees, by declaring their full readiness for work.
Strengthening the concept of coordination between employees and administrative units.
Recognize the problems faced by the employees of the organization and work to solve them.
Providing assistance to managers in implementing the organization's plans and resolving internal or external conflicts.
Studying all effective and most efficient aspects of performance, studying weaknesses that negatively affect the organization, and working to solve them.
Important questions
Mention the concept of human resource management?
That a manager in the organization manages the individuals who work within his responsibility without the need for a specialized department.
Talk about the four stages of the historical development of human resource management?
The first stage (industrial revolution).
The second stage (the scientific management movement).
The third stage (between World War I and II).
The fourth stage (after World War II until the present time).
What are the five functions of contemporary and modern human resource management?
1- Polarization.
2- Human resource planning.
3- Job analysis.
4- The choice.
5- The human cadre.
What are the stages of the human resource planning process?
1. Recognize the strategy and plan of the multi-organizational organization.
2. Study the variables in the external and internal environment.
3. Making predictions, assumptions and perceptions.
4. Comparison of demand and supply of labour.
5. Laying out the plan, including what it requires to deal with the situation in the future, in the face of the requirements of expanding human resources.