Attendance management using smart devices


Personnel and Workers Affairs Program

It is a powerful and easy-to-use solution that helps manage attendance using smart devices

The NoQueue system allows employees to log in and out using state-of-the-art technology such as iBeacon, GPS locations, Face Recognition, and more. This simple and easy to use tool offers many features including employee time tracking, manual entry with powerful reporting and audit tools.


Attendance Recording Tool
The automation of institutions aims to transform all routine procedures, and approvals, such as permit requests, materials purchase requests, and assignment requests into sequential and parallel tasks according to each procedure.



Exception management
The solution caters to exceptional cases to enable time recording for all employees by providing

• Log in and out of the web interface that can be accessed from any computer or smart device

• Enable users to log in from popular tablets that support users who have lost or forgotten their smart device

• Allow the admin to randomly request re-login from employees to check their presence

• Log in and out using the OTP system to meet the needs of users of low-end phones

• IP selector to enable logging in and out in the office network only

web management
The solution provides a management console that allows the administrator to manage users, view reports and KPIs, manage first-time logins to ensure users are registered to their primary phone, and export CSV files with attendance data for integration with HR systems.

Ease of installation
This solution will allow the admin to add new users and sites (only in the enterprise version), enable users to download the app from Apple and Android stores, and self-enable on the app using the 2D barcode provided by the admin to add users and sites